Friday, March 7, 2008

Making the Right Choices

As a husband and father, church leader, and nuclear engineer, Richard G. Scott knows the anxieties that accompany demanding roles. In this sermon given January 13th 2002, Elder Scott discusses how to overcome anxiety and worry by making choices inspired by God.

No matter how difficult the problems that surround you, the Lord knows how to resolve them. As you exercise faith, doing what you can, He will help you handle those things within your capability... Through the avenue of prayer and the path of inspiration, He will help you know what to do.
As one who was in attendance, I have often reflected on the powerful insights Elder Scott gave that night. Few things are more nagging than the recurrent worries that accompany uncertainty. Elder Scott's counsel has blessed me as I've tried to navigate through difficult choices with confidence.

Making the Right Choices: Audio Text Video
Richard G. Scott CES Fireside 01/13/2002


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